Sayhood Rules Out Any Strategic Agreements Between Baghdad And Erbil In The Presence Of A Govt. Controlled By Barzani’s Family

Maysan, A member of the state of law coalition Mohammed Saadoun al-Sayhood ruled out any strategic agreements between Baghdad and Erbil in the presence of a government controlled by the Barzani’s family.

Sayhood said in a press statement today that: As long as the Barzani family is controlling the region in northern Iraq, any dialogues or strategic agreements cannot be held between Baghdad and Erbil, and any agreements or dialogues with the current regional government, the results will be negative and unsatisfactory and does not serve Iraq and its people, because there are large and dangerous files are still stuck and Barzani family does not bear any real intentions to resolve. “

He added: the upcoming elections will certainly change the political map within the region by involving all the Kurdish political forces, therefore its results may fruit conducting agreements and strategic dialogues serving Iraq and the Kurdish people. Added Iraq aspires after the elections to form a government in the region representing all Kurdish parties and remove the power Barzani separatist family, which is tampering with the capabilities of Iraq and the Kurdish people.” indicating that “a new government should be formed based on the Constitution in organizing relations with the Center in all areas, including oil and gas, airports and crossing ports.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency