SDC launches programme to boost coaching culture in workplace

SHARJAH, Sharjah for Capability Development, SCD, a subsidiary of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, has launched the ‘Certified Coach Programme’.

The programme, which will run until February with the participation of 20 employees of various government departments and authorities in Sharjah, targets those with a minimum of five years experience, strong communication skills, and a passion for development and engagement.

The SCD stressed that the culture of coaching in the workplace creates an open and morale boosting environment for employees, which will help improve performance and innovation, and create effective solutions. The SCD launched the programme, which is fully approved by the International Coach Federation ICF, to provide participants with the tools and techniques to coach their teams in the workplace and empower them to deal with daily challenges.

The ICF reported that companies that employ a coach have seen the performance of their employees improve by 70 percent, their business management by 61 percent, and their time management skills by 57 percent, while team effectiveness increased by 51 percent, achieving 99 percent satisfaction.

“The programme aims to develop the professional skills of the youth, as we believe in their role in enhancing corporate competitiveness and productivity. The initiative is in line with the government’s directives to improve the quality of public sector services. This experience will help leaders learn core coaching competencies, such as active listening, goal setting, creating awareness and building rapport, as well as how to apply these in their daily work and personal lives, ” said Saeed Alhammadi, Director of Corporate Communication at the SCD.

During the first day of the programme, its participants learnt about the differences between coaching, mentoring, consulting and counselling.

Programme participant Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Head of Commercial Investment at the Department of Economic Development of Sharjah, said, “I would like to thank the SCD for its efforts to launch programmes that will develop our skills and nurture our capabilities. I enrolled in the programme to improve my leadership skills and learn about the practices of the ICF, which will enrich my experience as a coach.”

“Being part of the programme has helped me gain insights into practices that have developed my coaching skills and taken me further in my journey of self-improvement. For instance, the ‘Co-active Model’ aims to strengthen the bond between a coach and trainee, and can be applied to all areas of professional conduct,” Al Suwaidi added.

Another participant, Mai Al Hajri, Quality and Corporate Planning Manager at the Sharjah International Airport, noted, “I am very happy to have added this unique experience to my learning. The programme has helped me understand the differences between training and coaching in a practical way. I have gained many skills and experiences through my participation, which have helped me generate some new ideas and discover my potential. I look forward to taking the positivity from this programme to my peers at work, and hopefully, that will have a positive influence on our productivity and teamwork.”

Source: Emirates News Agency