Second MTE mining expo opens in Swakop

SWAKOPMUND: Swakopmund mayor Rosina //Hoabes officially opened the second Mining and Technical Exhibition (MTE) here on Wednesday.

This year’s exhibition has attracted about 58 exhibitors, reinforcing the role that the town plays in the mining sector.

//Hoabes said the MTE is a unique concept, where instead of the mining industry going to another place to view exhibits and innovations, the MTE brings these services closer to them and saves the industry time.

The MTE thus sees its role as empowering people in the area in terms of bringing technology to the mines so that more personnel can be exposed to innovations and inventions.

//Hoabes further stated that the exhibition shows what is available to make mining more efficient and productive, whilst being aware of the safety and health needs of those who work on the mines.

It is encouraging to see that the local companies of Namibia are also supporting the event by taking the opportunity afforded to them to come and exhibit their products”, she added.

The Operations’ Manager of MTE, Andrew Macnamara explained to Nampa that there are a lot more local companies participating this year than last year.

MTE has been in operation since 1993, and has held many exhibitions around all the major mines and mining areas in Southern Africa.

Their aim is to distribute information to all interested parties with a focus to encourage innovation and demonstrations which create a great deal of visitor interest.

These exhibitions are customised to meet the specific needs of the mining sector.

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