SEDD organises awareness campaigns in Sharjah

SHARJAH, The Sharjah Economic Development Department, SEDD, offers a number of educational campaigns for consumers using its mobile booths, through which consumers are introduced to counterfeit goods.

SEDD also distributes educational flyers to shoppers, in order to spread and strengthen the culture of consumer rights in local markets. Recently, the department placed booths in the Central Souq in Sharjah and in the Sharjah Cooperative Society in Khorfakkan. The aim was to educate consumers about the damage caused by counterfeit goods, how to differentiate them from original products and introduce them to the complaint mechanism in case of commercial fraud or manipulation or tax added bills.

Salim Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of the Commercial Control and Protection Department at SEDD, said that SEDD organises extensive campaigns throughout the year in the markets and commercial centres in the emirate. He noted that the aim of such campaigns is to protect and educate consumers about their rights and duties, which fall within the main educational programmes of SEDD’s strategic plan.

He added that these campaigns come within the framework of the department’s policy of interacting with society and protecting it from the exploitation of weak people who are trying to derive material gains in various ways. Also, it falls within SEDD’s concerns to ensure the provision of best services to the public. In addition, he clarified that the department is making clear efforts to protect society and the national economy by eliminating commercial fraud, carrying out awareness campaigns and protecting the rights of traders and consumers.

Furthermore, Al Suwaidi added that educating consumers about their rights and duties is one of the most important objectives that SEDD seeks to achieve. Also, it pays great attention to informing the public on how to communicate with the department and other parties concerned with consumer protection to preserve their rights in the event of fraud, exploitation or noting any excesses in the quality of goods or services and prices.

Also, SEDD called on the public to communicate through the channels available to the department, either directly on 80080000 or by visiting the Consumer Protection website,, when facing any case of commercial fraud.

Ali Fadil, Head of the Commercial Protection Section, stated that such campaigns help in highlighting consumer rights and spreading the culture of consumer protection. In addition, he said it is essential to achieve balance in the markets by providing all forms of support and coordination with consumer protection authorities to attain comprehensive development.

Source: Emirates News Agency