Several people injured in an attack on a church in the Austrian capital

BAGHDAD, Eight to 15 people were seriously wounded in an attack on a church in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Two unidentified people attacked a church of a Catholic monastery north of Vienna, and there were reports of gunshots during the attack, Austrian media reported.

Members of the Special Forces Eko Cobra and the anti-terrorist Viga team arrived at the scene, but it was not clear if the hijackers had been arrested or not.

The police did not rule out, through their Twitter account, that the attackers and their victims were still inside a church building.

They confirmed that security forces had cordoned off the scene and that police were searching the building.

For its part, the Russian Embassy in Vienna said all those affected by the attack were Catholic clergy.

According to the Embassy, preliminary information indicates that this is a robbery rather than a terrorist attack.

Earlier in the day, Austrian security services evacuated St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna after a bomb was reported inside. The authorities later reported that the inspection of the building by special security teams confirmed the absence of any explosive materials in the cathedral.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency