Several senior leaders of Daesh were killed in Salah al-Din

BAGHDAD, The Security and the Anti-terrorism forces and International Coalition forces carried out several strikes on several targets in the Khanukkah mountains in Salah al-Din province on 30 October.

The Operation resulted in the killing of 35 terrorists, including five senior commanders, who were the supervisors of the terrorist operations to launch car bombs in Sharqat and Qayara and several attacks targeting security forces, civilians and infrastructure in the governorates of Salah al-Din and Kirkuk.

“The coalition is taking extraordinary measures to avoid injuries among civilians and is using strict measures to reduce the risk to civilians,” it said.

“The Coalition continues to commit itself to working with, and through the Iraqi security forces to achieve the inevitable defeat of Daesh and to help create the conditions for stability in Iraq and Syria,” the statement said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency