Shammari Rules Out Passing All Vacant Ministries In Today’s Session

BAGHDAD, A member of the House of Representatives for Saairun Alliance, Salam al-Shammari ruled out passing all the vacant ministries in today’s parliamentary session.

“The consultations and discussions between the political blocs are still ongoing on the selection of figures acceptable to everyone to fill the ministerial posts without imposing any personality on the blocs and political forces.”

Al-Shammari said that” Saairun alliance is still on its position on the selection of professional figures, technocrats, not partisan to occupy positions and others to deal with these conditions and away from any attempts to reverse. “

He explained that “the terms of the Saairun Alliance should not be counted as imposing a order, but it is a clear response to the demands of the people, which want to end this file by consensus without constant crises.”

The parliament session is scheduled to take place today to vote on the completion of the ministerial cab.

The Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi sent a biography of two new figures of the Ministries of Education, Migration and Displaced to the House of Representatives for submission to vote.

He called for postponement of the candidate of the Ministry of Justice for the existence of talks either to ensure the vote on him or replace him with another candidate.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency