Sharjah Children pulls curtain down on Spring Camp

SHARJAH: Sharjah Children, affiliated with the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, concluded its spring camp, with the participation of 588 boys and girls aged 6-12.

The camp was distinguished by a range of programmes and activities that combined fun and learning. The aim was to harness their energy and equip them with various skills through workshops, and scientific, sports, recreational, and artistic programmes held within the approved frameworks of the foundation. The goal was to ensure that their time was spent in a beneficial and enjoyable manner.

The camp included more than 23 activities and workshops that reflected the aspects of the holy month of Ramadan. These included reading workshops aimed at fostering creativity and exploring new and advanced reading skills among the participants. Notable workshops included “Glowing Tales,” “Ramadan in the Emirates,” and “Star and Crescent Tales.” The participants also took part in various specialised activities and workshops in the life
skills track, such as the Values Ambassadors workshop, My Craft workshop, My Health workshop, My Wooden Wallet workshop, and Needle and Thread workshop, which aimed to teach children sewing and embroidery skills and how to create simple handmade projects like bags and paintings, among other diverse workshops.

The sports track witnessed the organisation of various sports activities and games aimed at promoting children’s health, physical fitness, and skills development. These included basketball, football, tennis, and chess, in addition to the sports incubator programme and the professional swimming pool.

The camp also included several art workshops, where participants were introduced to the skills and fundamentals of photography, understanding its technical and creative tools, and the art of editing. There were also Ramadan Arts workshops, in which children produced artistic works related to the month of Ramadan using botanical and Islamic decorations. These workshops aimed to enhance their artistic skills
and boost their creative abilities for expression. Additionally, there were technical workshops that provided them with information about clean and renewable energy and smart agriculture.

Source: Emirates News Agency