Sharjah University celebrates ‘UAE Codes’ Day in collaboration with National Programme for Coders

DUBAI, University of Sharjah has announced that it will organise an array of events, including competitions, virtual discussions, debates, and workshops as part of the “UAE Codes” Day celebrations.

The UAE Codes Day events, organised by the National Programme for Coders, will witness the participation of professors, teachers, and experts at the University of Sharjah, aiming to activate initiatives that focus on spreading knowledge and coding languages, enhancing the role of coders and technological developers, and celebrating success stories across the UAE and the world.

Colleges of Computing and Informatics; Science; Engineering, and College of Business at the university will celebrate through discussion about several topics, which will focus on the importance of coding for engineers, the priority for students to learn leverage coding and future languages, benefits of being a computer scientist, and the necessity of teaching kids coding.

Discussions and competitions aim to increase students’ awareness of coding and discuss its critical role in business growth and computational studies in Physics and Chemistry, which reflect the importance of coding for all fields to ensure sustainability in curriculum development and teaching methods.

The events will also include announcing the UAE Codes competition winners organised by the University of Sharjah to enhance students’ competencies in designing solutions for challenges and achieving The National Programme for Coders goals.

UAE Codes Day will witness many events organised by the federal government and private entities across the UAE, including meetings, workshops, competitions, and hackathons to spread coding concepts and highlight their importance to a significant number in society.

Source: Emirates News Agency