Sheikh Zayed Institute for Paediatric Surgical Innovation showcases latest in paediatric surgery at US Congress

ABU DHABI: The Sheikh Zayed Institute for Paediatric Surgical Innovation at Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington, D.C., has showcased latest in paediatric surgery at United States Congress.

Researchers and staff from the Sheikh Zayed Institute visited the Rayburn House Office, one of the main office buildings of the US House of Representatives, for an all-day event highlighting the latest in paediatric surgical technology.

Congressmen and visitors were invited to stop by and speak with experts about various innovative instruments that are driving solutions for children’s health issues around the world.

Dr. Peter Kim, Vice President of the Institute, said, “The Sheikh Zayed Institute is the innovative hub of the Children’s National Medical Centre and this event was a great way to spread the word through show and tell. A high-profile event such as this allows us to demonstrate the true value of the Government of Abu Dhabi’s generous gift to the Centre and the world-class innovation being produced at the Sheikh Zayed Institute.” The Sheikh Zayed Institute opened its doors in 2011, and was made possible by a $150 million donation from the Government of Abu Dhabi. The gift remains the largest ever to support paediatric surgery.

Visitors were able to test out the technology at each table and speak with the innovators who brought it to life. Some of the featured innovations at the event included the Human Algometer objective pain assessment system, Medical Gaming Technology, Stereoscopic Augmented Reality, Digital Dysmorphology and 3D Printing.