Signals Intelligence Agency organises 5th edition of UAE CyberQuest

ABU DHABI, The Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA) has announced the launch of its 5th annual Cyber Quest Competition, a fun and exciting programme designed to encourage and motivate the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

The competition, which is scheduled to take place on 7th to 10th October at Festival Arena in Dubai, is aimed at improving the skills of students in the field of cyber security, encouraging them to learn continuously and keep up with rapid developments in the field, while also highlighting the importance of protecting the UAE’s digital infrastructure to ensure a better future.

An official from Signals Intelligence Agency said, “The Cyber Quest Competition stimulates the scientific curiosity of participants and attracts new generations to science, technology and mathematics, which contributes towards enhanced cyber security and a better future.”

The preparatory phase of the competition began last January with a tour of schools and universities across the emirates, where students were introduced to the different aspects of cybersecurity and briefed on the competition eligibility criteria. A Training Round followed, where participants learned the basics of programming, encryption, phone applications, attack techniques, detection of malicious programmes and the law of cybercrime within the UAE.

The 4-day CyberQuest, starting with a ‘Capture the Flag’ competition for school students on day one, followed by ‘Cyber Exercise’ competition for university students on the second day. On the last 2 days, public competitions will be conducted simulating ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Cyber Exercise’ competitions. These competitions allow visitors to experience the challenges and to encourage their children and relatives to participate next year.

The competition includes a series of workshops covering various topics in cyber security, with the activities taking place in an interactive learning environment supervised by qualified trainers. Workshops do not require any prior knowledge of cybersecurity.

A number of new workshops have been added this year, targeting different age groups, “Extreme Soldering” workshop, for schools and universities students, covers the creation of electronic tools through integrating electronic parts; and “Artificial Intelligence” workshop to lear and understand the different types of AI and how coding is used in programming devices. The “Blockchain” workshop has been designed for university students only and covers practical exercises to know more about blockchain and its various uses.

This year’s competition is sponsored by platinum sponsor ‘DarkMatter’, the leading provider of smart and safe digital transformation, and golden sponsor ‘Tawazun Economic Council’, a major supporter of the national economy in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai through the UAE’s sustainable military and security industry. In addition to the cooperation with Etisalat Academy in organizing a ‘Summer Camp’ for the eligible students in technical trainings.

All students and experts are welcome to join the activities and visitors are allowed to experience the competitions on Tuesday and Wednesday during the event.

Source: Emirates News Agency