Smovies Short Film Competition 2019 launches regional climate change challenge

ABU DHABI, The Smovies Short Film Competition 2019, a strategic collaboration between BrandMoxie and VOX Cinemas, launched a regional film challenge aimed at fighting climate change globally. Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, officially inaugurated the competition.

The Smovies launch event, held at VOX Cinemas in Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, brought together stakeholders, filmmakers, content strategists, civic groups, the diplomatic corps and the environmental community. The current challenge marks the eighth edition of the competition under the theme ‘A Planet Worth Fighting For’, since the establishment of The Smovies in 2015 by BrandMoxie, a marketing company.

Taif Al Amiri, Director of Government Communication at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, said, “The theme of the current edition highlights the imperative need for all human beings to work towards protecting planet earth. Awareness is an integral part of the fight. We are confident that as people realize their responsibility in preserving the environment, they will take more concrete steps in protecting our precious planet. We are proud to collaborate with BrandMoxie and VOX Cinemas in spreading the word about climate change and highlighting the urgency of bold, all-inclusive climate action.”

She added, “It is up to us to reverse the effects of carbonisation. Together, we can rise to the challenge and build a better, climate-safe future. Although we can foresee climate change, we are incapable of imagining its gravity and the magnitude of damage it can cause. This is where initiatives like The Smovies can help. They serve to educate people from all walks of life about the adverse impact we have on the environment and how we can reverse this impact.”

Highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in fighting climate change, Al Amiri said, “Only by working together can we develop a prosperous green economy and protect our environment. Under the Paris Agreement, the international community has agreed to confront the climate crisis by keeping the global temperature increases to below two degrees Celsius. I hope you enjoy watching the various entries at this year’s event and take away some worthwhile ideas about combatting climate change to make a real difference to planet earth.”

The Smovies competition invites film entries from amateur and professional filmmakers that are no more than 60 seconds long, and tackle the climate change challenge through presenting content focused on educating, inspiring and motivating. The entries can be in multiple languages but should include English subtitles.

The competition is open to people living all over the world, and the deadline for the entries is 30th July.

Source: Emirates News Agency