Soon .. A Delegation Of KRG Will Discuss In Baghdad The Implementation Of Article 140

Kirkuk MP of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan for the province of Kirkuk Biston Adel announced that a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad soon, to discuss a number of outstanding files.

He said in a statement, that the most prominent files to be discussed by the delegation of the Kurdistan region in Baghdad, the federal budget file for next year and the share of the Kurdistan region.

He added that the delegation of the Kurdistan region will also discuss, during his visit to Baghdad, the file of the disputed areas and steps to implement Article 140 of the Constitution to resolve the problems facing these areas, especially after the decision of the Federal Court to apply article 140 constitutional until the full implementation of its provisions and paragraphs.

He explained that the file of negotiations between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad has made great strides, expressing optimism that the two sides reach common understandings, noting that an atmosphere of optimism prevailed in the recent meetings between the two sides.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency