Sorbonne Abu Dhabi prepares for National Day Celebrations

Abu Dhabi: As the 41st National Day approaches, the public and private organizations increase their pace in preparing for the 2nd of December. On this occasion, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi has set up a program with a wide range of cultural activities that greatly enhance Abu Dhabi’s vision of transforming into a global academic and cultural center.

The program aims to highlight cross-cultural communication through organizing a number of events such as intellectual forums, lectures, round tables, art expositions and cultural performances during the upcoming months.

These events include a round table for the 300th anniversary of the Swiss-born French philosopher Jean-Jaques Rosseau and Author of “The Social Contract”, a lecture about the urbanizations in contemporary cities, and a workshop on electronic publishing.

Other attractions include an Abu Dhabi Police Music Band performance, a poetry evening, a fashion show, documentaries about the modern architecture and colors in the medieval times, Table tennis and badminton matches.

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