Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi celebrates Alumni achievements at inaugural Alumni gala dinner

ABU DHABI, 21st May, 2023 (WAM) — Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi hosted its inaugural Alumni Gala Dinner under the theme “Red Carpet, Green Hearts”. The event was not only a great networking opportunity that allowed alumni to reconnect, but it was also held in line with the university’s Go Green 2023 Initiative and was designed to be sophisticated and sustainable, incorporating eco-friendly elements into its planning and execution. The event aimed to showcase how modernity, technological advancements and innovation can contribute to a more sustainable future where various sustainable practices and measures were implemented to minimize the event’s environmental impact. More than 400 alumni, management, academics and distinguished guests attended the event. Guests enjoyed a night of celebration, where they were able to return to their alma mater and collectively celebrate their reunion. At the event, notable alumnus Dr Majed Al Khemeiri, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, delivered an inspiring speech where he shed light on sustainability in the context of the UAE’s hosting of COP28 and emphasised the importance of both the university as well as its alumni in cultivating environmental consciousness, promoting sustainable practices, and driving positive change. During his opening speech, Dr Alkhemeiri said: “Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi provided me with an exceptional education and inspired me to pursue my PhD in sustainable development. We as students established in 2012 the Sustainability Team to foster environmental awareness, and I was lucky to study with talented students from diverse backgrounds”. He added: “The UAE, as a nation, has always demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions. As Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi alumni, it is our duty to contribute to this legacy, using the knowledge and skills we have gained to make a lasting, positive impact on our environment, society, and economy”. Rawdha Almeraikhi, the President of the Alumni Council of Trustees, then delivered a speech in which she shared her perspectives as a Sorbonne alumna. She specifically addressed the upcoming changes that the Council will be undergoing between 2023 and 2025, expressing admiration for the remarkable accomplishments of the previous Council. Almeraikhi also took the opportunity to celebrate the noteworthy achievements of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and its esteemed alumni. This was then followed by a piano recital by Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi alumna Reem Al-Azem. Furthermore, the guests indulged in an unparalleled culinary journey, accompanied by captivating live shows and performances that celebrated the seamless integration of Arabian and French cultures. These vibrant showcases perfectly aligned with the university’s motto of “A bridge between civilisations,” exemplifying the power of cultural exchange and diversity. Tariq Al Fahaam

Source: Emirates News Agency (WAM)