SPEA to announce outcomes of its innovative programme ‘Itqan’

SHARJAH, 14th May, 2023 (WAM) — The Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) will announce the results and outcomes of its innovative programme “Itqan,” as well as to honour the distinguished schools that have successfully met its requirements and achieved tangible progress in their performance. This ceremony, which will take place on Monday, 15th May, in the City University Hall, celebrates the exceptional schools that have met the requirements of the “Itqan” programme and have made remarkable progress in their educational standards. This confirms that the programme is significant in enhancing the educational landscape in Sharjah and elevating it to unprecedented levels of development. The “Itqan” programme represents a comprehensive field study of the quality of private school performance according to a unified framework of control and evaluation at the national level. Its goal is to measure the effectiveness of private school performance and their mastery of school quality standards to enable students to achieve academic, personal, physical, social, and psychological development. It targets educational leaders, students, schools, and parents, as they are essential partners in the educational process. The programme’s unified framework measures the quality of school performance in six standards, including student achievement, personal and social development, and innovation skills, the quality of teaching and evaluation processes, the curriculum, student protection and care, and the quality of school leadership and management. The evaluation teams in the “Itqan” programme have exerted significant efforts since its launch in October last year. They meticulously reviewed the documents of every school and attended their activities for four consecutive days. Additionally, they met with partners to analyse the results of the opinion polls sent to parents as questionnaires. Subsequently, they provided the school with a detailed report, including areas that require improvement and identifying their strengths, along with a set of recommendations. They also classified the school according to a scale composed of six levels: “outstanding,” “very good,” “good,” “acceptable,” “weak,” and “very weak.”

Source: Emirates News Agency