Sport Integrity Week 2023 Concluded

The Activities of the fourth edition of the Sport Integrity Week (SIW2023) concluded in Sao Paolo, Brazil on Saturday.

Organized by the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA), SIW2023 was held in 35 cities worldwide, with the participation of a lineup of decision makers and representatives of governments, civil society, sports and economic sectors, along with experts and academics from more than 20 countries.

Chairman of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and Vice-Chairman of SIGA Mohammed Al Hanzab said that the success of the fourth edition of SIW2023 reflects the success of SIGA’s initiatives over the past seven years in placing the issue of sport integrity on the agenda of international decision-makers.

He added that they were proud that the event became the only global platform for discussion and dialogue among all stakeholders in the world to confront the various challenges in global sports, expressing his sincere thanks to the State of Qatar for successfully organizing an aspect of the work to deliver the most prominent message to devote the protection of international spot integrity as a legacy and a necessary requirement for the sustainability and protection of sports, a matter which reflects the leading position of the State of Qatar as the capital of global sports and reflects its established efforts that have enabled it to become among the countries of the world in various fields and in fighting corruption and promoting sport integrity.

The SIW2023 was held for the first time in 35 capitals and cities around the world, including Doha, New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Madrid, Lisbon, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Guinea Bissau, Luanda and others, with international participation of prominent speakers from the Americas, Europe and the Middle East and Africa region.

Held in the first week of September every year, the global thought-leadership event is the pinnacle for all those in the sports industry with an interest in Sport Integrity. Building on the success of the previous three annual editions, the SIW2023 expand on the concept of the previous years, innovate, and increase its outreach in all continents.

During the week’s sessions, the participants appreciated the efforts of SIGA in leading global efforts to address corruption in sports, praising the great role played by the organization at the international level in unifying efforts and international cooperation to establish the principles of governance, financial transparency and integrity in the global sport industry. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency