SPYL in Erongo ready to “bite” in defence of leaders

WALVIS BAY: The Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL) in the Erongo Region has encouraged their elders to stay away from tribalism, and to allow Namibia to move forward as one nation.

SPYL members gathered here on Wednesday to discuss some of the issues that emanated from the recent SPYL Fifth National Congress.

One of the main issues highlighted by SPYL Erongo Secretary, Laina Shapange, was the “attack” on re-elected SPYL Secretary Elijah Ngurare by Minister of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture Kazenambo Kazenambo.

Ngurare stated during the congress held on 02 September 2012 in the capital that both the National Youth Service (NYS) and National Youth Council (NYC) were initiated by the youth league, and therefore, the two entities should not be abused for political expediency, but rather managed transparently and prudently in the interest of Namibian youth.

Kazenambo, who both the NYS and NYC fall under, did not take kindly to Ngurare’s utterances, and retaliated by calling the SPYL Secretary a “penniless idiot” and “pathological liar”.

During a media briefing on 07 September, Kazenambo stated that Ngurare does not deserve to be called a comrade, as the youth leader is “provoking party leaders and causing disharmony in the Swapo-Party”.

To this Shapange said SPYL members here are ready to “bite” in defence of their leaders.

“Kazenambo was appointed as the head of the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture (MNYSSC), but has dropped his duties and appointed himself as a new Minister of National Division, Insults and Tribalism,” she said.

Shapange continued that Kazenambo has shown that he does not care about the young people of this nation, but care more about the agendas of the non-Oshiwambo and division amongst Swapo-Party comrades and Namibians at large.

“We would like Kazenambo to know that as per the constitution of the SPYL, these are our mandatory entities and we all have rights to praise and criticise,” she said.

Shapange added that these entities were criticised by the delegates on merit and not on “zing-zang emotions”.

She, therefore, requested, President Hifikepunye Pohamba to “save” the Namibian youth and appoint a “true” minister.

In addition, Shapange also requested senior leaders of the party to refrain from interfering in youth politics, and concentrate on implementing the Swapo-Party’s Election Manifesto of 2009.

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