State Audit Institution concludes its participation in 11th Meeting of GCC SAIs Presidents

Abu Dhabi: Dr. Harib Al-Amimi, President of the State Audit Institution, has assured the important participation of the GCC SAIs in auditing the General Secretariat accounts and all institutions reporting to the GCC as those accounts are part of the SAIs competencies represented in safeguarding the public fund in line with the approved international standards and professional practices.

This came during the 11th meeting of the GCC SAIs Presidents, which concluded last Saturday in Riyadh.

Dr. Harib Al-Amimi illustrated the General Secretariat efforts in developing its structures and striving to promote its performance in order to ensure coordination and cooperation among the member countries to achieve the target unity.

In his address, he pointed out the importance of the strategic role of the GCC SAIs for the following phase as they will become a strategic partner of the Supreme Council and its different bodies including the General Secretariat. This would be through providing the decision makers with the required reports and with whatever might help in rectifying policies and correcting deviations timely to achieve the objectives in an efficient, effective and economic manner.

In his speech given during the meeting, Abdullatif Al-Zayani; the GCC Secretary General, referred to the importance of GCC SAIs role in safeguarding the public funds of the GCC countries indicating that enhancing this role requires mutual cooperation and coordination in addition to developing the mechanisms required for performing the required audit functions.

The meeting also discussed the most important issues related to joint audit and the means of enhancing cooperation and exchanging expertise. It has also discussed the report of the General Secretariat on the SAIs committees for the current year.

The GCC SAIs presidents reviewed a summary of the Undersecretaries Committee work results and approved the proposed recommendations including SAIs participation in reviewing the accounts of the General Secretariat and its affiliated units as well as increasing the value of the awards of the financial audit studies and research competition. They have also approved printing some audit manuals such as privatization audit manual and IT audit manual.

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