Tadweer continues to provide services at leading festivals in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, The Centre of Waste Management � Abu Dhabi, Tadweer, has announced its support as a strategic partner and sponsor for the 2018 edition of the Al Dhafra Water Festival.

In this role, the Centre will provide services at the festival before, during and after the event to ensure hygienic and aesthetic appearances are maintained at the festival site and in the overall Al Dhafra city area.

Tadweer will deploy specialised personnel and equipment at the festival premises to control pests such as flies, mosquitoes and ants, as well as stray animals. This will enable visitors, exhibitors and participants to enjoy activities in a safe atmosphere. Further addressing this priority, the Centre has put in place a comprehensive plan that includes positioning cleaning workers throughout the festival site, and near main roads, side streets, and walkways.

Mohsen Al Ameri, Tadweer’s Branch Manager in the Al Dhafra Region, said, “The Al Dhafra Water Festival is a unique heritage event that promotes authentic Emirati values, customs and traditions. It also strengthens Al Dhafra’s status as an ideal destination for tourism, water sports and beach sports for visitors and sports enthusiasts alike. The cultural highlights include a traditional market, children-oriented events, and heritage shows and competitions. With our support of the festival, Tadweer will contribute to making it a success promoting Abu Dhabi as a leading water sports destination in the world.

“Tadweer will provide our experienced supervisors and workers, and high-quality equipment, to ensure public hygiene and pest control. Tadweer will also be available round-the-clock at the festival to maintain cleanliness at the Al Mirfa Port, which is expected to welcome a huge turnout of visitors. Lastly, the Centre will conduct an awareness campaign, by distributing brochures and leaflets that will provide tips and guidance that drive home messages to keep a clean and safe environment for everyone.”

Tadweer will dedicate a team of more than 60 managers, supervisors, drivers and workers; deploy 15 vehicles, equipment, trucks and buses; as well as more than 150 large green and black containers for waste disposal at the event.

It is also inviting members of the public to visit the Al Dhafra Water Festival and Tadweer’s pavilion to participate in various competitions and get a chance to win valuable prizes.

Source: Emirates News Agency