Tawam Hospital conducts complex tumorectomy, saving a breast cancer patient’s life

AL AIN, The surgical team at Tawam Hospital, an Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, SEHA, facility, conducted a Tumorectomy on a patient suffering from breast cancer.

The complex procedure was successful and involved the removal of a massive 2.5-kilogram, 20-centimeter diameter tumor from the patient’s breast.

Dr. Moza Al Ameri, Consultant Breast Surgeon, led a team of surgeons who performed the procedure.

The 44-year-old patient did not have a history of any other illnesses and led a healthy lifestyle. Although the patient sensed the presence of a tumor several months ago, she was hesitant to undergo an examination at the hospital.

Dr. Al Ameri urged all women to screen any lumps found on their breasts, especially if a tumor is suspected of being malignant or when symptoms related to breast cancer start to appear. She reassured the community that medical treatment of the disease was readily available, and encouraged women to conduct examinations, as early diagnosis greatly increases recovery rates.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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