Tests for heavy vehicles a step in right direction, UAE paper

Abu Dhabi: The Roads and Transport Authority’s mission to take its safety policy to other emirates will go a long way in reducing accidents. More than 20 per cent of accidents on UAE highways are caused by heavy vehicles, many of them ill-maintained and having faulty trailers, a UAE paper commented.

“It is not uncommon to see trailers rumble past on the highway, oblivious to the speed limit or the safety of other motorists. But with the new system, which makes registration and testing of heavy trucks mandatory, the onus of keeping these vehicles in good condition now rests with the transport firms. It is one thing to keep the vehicles road-worthy, it is another to ensure that the driver follows rules and ensures that others around him are not at risk,” Gulf News said in its today’s editorial.

The RTA has, as part of its awareness campaign, stopped vehicles and informed drivers of best practices and driving habits. “Taking it to other emirates will ensure that lives are protected and roads kept safe. However, it must be emphasised that all motorists must be vigilant at all times and follow the basics of safe driving,” the paper noted.

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