The “Abu Dhabi Government Communication Forum” reviews strategies to support the Emirate’s promotional identity

ABU DHABI, 7th October 2015 (WAM) — The Office of Government Communication of the General Secretariat of the Executive Council has organized, on the 5th of October, the seventh session of the Abu Dhabi Government Communication Forum, which brought communication officials and employees from various government entities together.
The Abu Dhabi Government Communication Forum is considered as a dedicated platform, launched on a regular basis in Abu Dhabi in order to review the developments in the evolution of the government communication system, as well as the means and methods used to improve the performance of communication and media units operating within government entities. The Forum is held in an interactive atmosphere, where specialists in the media, promotion and public relations fields host workshops, so as to manage major events and enhance corporate identity. During the same framework, the most prominent projects and activities of the Office of Government Communication are also highlighted, enabling various entities to apply the best practices in this respect.
For her part, Ms. Salama Khansaheb, Acting Director of the Policies and Research Department of the Office of Government Communication, has prepared a presentation on the strategic communication plan in order to highlight the role it plays in developing an integrated vision of all aspects of the entity’s corporate communication, including the objectives and priorities entities seek to achieve, thereby contributing to highlighting a positive image and achieving better communication with their strategic partners.
The plan includes a number of elements that the entities need to update and develop on an annual basis in accordance with communication policy of the Abu Dhabi government that has been prepared by the Office of Government Communication and launched earlier so as to manage the main components of communication, such as the management of media work, public relations activities and instructions for using the identity of the Abu Dhabi government.
The Forum also reviewed the framework according to which the social media policy is used, given the effective and influential role such tools plays today in our digital media world. During the Forum, the effective and efficient management of the government entity’s accounts on social media platforms has been highlighted, along with the considerations and standards that must be adhered to when using these accounts.
As part of “The Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance communication strategy”, Ms. Areej Al Hmeiri, Director of Government Excellence Department at the Office of the Abu Dhabi Excellence Program of the General Secretariat of the Executive Council, has developed a presentation during which the Award communication strategy aspects were illustrated. In this context, it is noteworthy to mention that this strategy aims at strengthening government entities’ efforts exerted in highlighting their participation in the Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance through social media. Winners are expected to be announced on the 17th of November.
While Ms. Ohoud Al Neyadi, IT Strategic Specialist at the Abu Dhabi Systems Information Center, made a presentation about the documentation mechanism of government entities’ social media accounts, given the importance of such a process in facilitating the access of users to these accounts and limiting the chances of falsification and reproduction.
The Forum also included a panel discussion on supporting the Abu Dhabi’s promotional identity, during which Mr. Faisal Al Sheikh, TCA’s Events Bureau Director, and Mr. Alexis Dijksterhuis, Vice President of Strategic Planning New Business, as well as HR IT departments at Flash Entertainment took part in order to explain the importance of hosting events that contribute to making Abu Dhabi a leading tourist destination.
Al Sheikh and Dijksterhuis agreed that the promotional identity of any events affects the tourist destination’s media identity and that the proliferation of video and audio components, as well as the influence and deployment of social media are factors that contribute to the promotion of the destination. They also pointed out to the need of holding events in line with the tourist destination’s strategy, while asserting that the promotion of the Abu Dhabi culture through various events constitutes one of the most prominent success and excellence factors.
Another presentation on Abu Dhabi’s promotional identity by Mr. Jose Filipe Torres, CEO of Bloom Consulting, was made, during which he talked about the importance of a “Central Idea” in supporting and promoting Abu Dhabi’s identity. In this regard, Torres stated that “there are five dimensions that affect such an identity and guarantee the achievement of the desired goals, namely: exports, tourism, investment, talent and diplomacy”. The attendees participated in the practical application of the idea through creativity in the perception of the appropriate promotional identity of Abu Dhabi and the aspects upon which emphasis shall be placed when formulating the participating entities’ future promotional plans.
Finally, the participants stressed the importance of the role of the Abu Dhabi Government Communications Forum in the promotion of knowledge and expertise between the various government communication employees operating within the Abu Dhabi government entities, while appraising the role of the Office of Government Communication in enriching the necessary content for the development of corporate communication activities. This can be carried out through the issuance of a series of guiding policies and manuals so as to organize the government communication field.