The branch of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in Kirkuk stresses the importance of coexistence, societal peace, and adopting professionalism in press coverage

The branch of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in Kirkuk confirmed that the city was and still is a symbol of coexistence among various nationalities and sects, expressing its full support for the administration of Kirkuk Governorate and for the security forces in maintaining societal peace among its components.

The branch said in a statement that the press community in Kirkuk Governorate is directly following the repercussions that occurred during the past days, and everyone must give priority to the language of dialogue in solving problems, away from the language of violence that harms societal peace among the components of the governorate.

The statement called on all the people of Kirkuk to maintain civil peace and not be drawn into false news and malicious rumors that are intended to undermine the security and safety of the city of Kirkuk.

The statement pointed out the importance of rejecting hate speech and standing against all forms of external interference in the affairs of Kirkuk.

The statement explained that colleagues working in all media outlets must work professionally, support the stability of the city, and block those who try to sow discord among the components of the city.

The statement confirmed that a monitoring team in the Syndicate Branch follows up on sites that attempt to stir up strife and national strife among the components of the governorate, stressing that everyone must be responsible and adopt journalistic professionalism in preparing press reports away from the language of stirring up strife / End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency