The Deputy Head of the Sovereignty Bloc accuses the Peshmerga of demolishing 157 Arab villages and the Kurdish demonstrators of burning Arab protesters’ vehicles in front of the Operations Command.

Deputy Head of the Political Bloc and member of the House of Representatives for the Kirkuk Arabs, Ali Al-Hamdani, accused the Peshmerga of demolishing 157 Arab villages, demanding an investigation committee to uncover this incident that occurred at the beginning of the year 2015 with the presence of two thousand Arab detainees and one missing in the region’s prisons.

He said during his intervention in today’s session of the House of Representatives, in the presence of Council Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi, that the operations headquarters is sacred and that the people of Kirkuk and the protesters were peaceful, but they were subjected to exploitation, assault, and burning of their vehicles

Source: National Iraqi News Agency