The Documents and Pakistani Identity Card of Mullah Mansour Another Scandal For Pakistan

Kabul (BNA) Killing of Mullah Mansour in Pakistan and existence of Pakistani passport with him raise many questions regarding to Pakistan’s support from certain terrorist groups that would further isolation of that country, but Pakistani authorities trying to repair this new problem.

According BNA report, although it has passed more than ten days since the death of Mullah Mansour but his body his not buried yet, because, Pakistani authorities have kept the corpse for postmortem. In spite of that, the American, Afghan authorities and Taliban leadership have confirmed the killing of Mullah Akhtar Mansour earlier but Pakistani authorities confessed to it lately.

They say the corpse that has recovered, after the American drone airstrike that carried out on last Saturday on Baluchistan province, is of Mulla Mansour’s but amazingly there was a Pakistani passport and issuing visas by Iran, United Arabic Imarets, and Bahrain. The passport has the photo of Mullah Mansour but the name of a Pakistani national. Mullah Mansour also had a Pakistani identity card with himself.

These undeniable facts and evidences indicate that there have been many facilities for Taliban leadership in Pakistan and that could be nothing but another scandal for that country regarding to supporting terrorist groups.

The Pakistani authorities not accept these open facts, therefore seeking for repelling accusations they resort all means. As the interior minister of Pakistan recently has said that they would assess all Pakistani, documents belong to Mullah Akhtar Mansour.

He instructed the relevant officials to assess the computerized identity cards of the citizens of his country within the next months. The Pakistani interior minister claimed that after the death of Mullah Mansour and existence of Pakistani passport with him has made certification of all Pakistani identity cards a must. Because, the existence of Pakistani identity card and passport with Mullah Mansour publically disseminated the idea that everyone can use Pakistani documents. He says the case is not limited to Mullah Akhtar or artificial identity card of Wali Mohammad but there are bigger cases. According to him, since twelve years, there were individuals who have received fraud Pakistani documents and identity cards. The process is carrying out in such shameful manner that indicates that they either slept or intentionally made by certain sources. He added the assessment of the case would difficult but they impelled to do so.

The Pakistani interior ministry explicitly said that issuing fraud cards in Pakistan has changed in to a custom and mostly terrorist groups and drug traffickers misuse the process. He claims now they are trying to discredit the fraud document and they have succeeded to discredit thirty-thousand fraud passports during the last three years.

The assassination of two Taliban leaders and Al-Qaeda leader in Pakistan have introduced that country as a supporter of terrorism and faced serious problems and enduring grave and increasing pressures.

Even though, the Pakistani authorities among them the interior minister of that trying to reduce the accusations but pay no serious intention to the close relation of late Mullah Akhtar Mansour and his predecessor Mullah Omer to Pakistan intelligence and owning Pakistani passport and identity cards. Because Pakistan in exchange of Taliban’s leaders cooperation with that country not only leaves the such documents in their disposal but in high level let them to establish commercial companies, organize their financial and political relations and creates other facilities for Taliban. Now, uncovering the above facts, the efforts of Pakistani interior minister will not hit the target. Therefore, he has no any alternative but acknowledge like his colleague Mr. Sartaj Aziz that Pakistan stands beside Taliban.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency