The EU Ambassador: We Are Ready To Cooperate With The Iraqi Government To Confront Climate Change, And Citizens Must Be Made Aware Of Its Danger

Baghdad -The European Union mission in Iraq confirmed its full readiness to cooperate with the Iraqi government to take the necessary steps to confront climate change.

European Union Ambassador Thomas Seiler said, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency /NINA, that “one of the most important issues that must be focused and worked on is educating people and society about the issue of climate change.”

He explained, “There are major impacts of climate change on the agricultural, irrigation, and water sectors, as well as desertification and drought.”

He added, “The European Union has great experience in this field and we can provide it to help manage crises. We also have great capacity to be able to provide advice, guidance and advice on how to deal with such crises, including the water problem, where we can provide technical advice on how to use it and used in a better way, as well as reusing water again and not using it once.”

He continued to say, “What the European Union provides must be done through coordination with the government first, and there is also the private sector and individuals, so everyone must be made aware in order to know how to deal with this crisis,” adding, “There is a kind of general popular trend in Iraq that the government must do everything, and we do not blame citizens for that because this matter exists in other countries of the world, but the government must take the lead and individuals and the private sector must participate, and we can help the government in taking the necessary steps in this area.”

Last month, the European Union delegation organized the activities of the “Iraq and Climate Change” Forum, in the capital, Baghdad, on the occasion of the International Day of Climate Action.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency