The Foreign Ministry affirms that it is continuously following up the situation of all Iraqis and will spare no effort in providing all forms of assistance

BAGHDAD The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that as soon as it received the news of the Iraqi woman being assaulted at Mashhad airport, the case followed closely to determine the incident.

Spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf said in a statement that Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali al-Hakim instructed the Consul General in Mashhad to clarify the details of the incident and prepare a memorandum to the Iranian Foreign Ministry to take the necessary legal measures against the aggressor. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also coordinated with the Embassy of the Republic of Iran to Baghdad in this regard.

He pointed out that the Iranian consul in Najaf visited the abused lady in her home, and offered the Iranian government apology to her and ensure treatment.

He pointed out that Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim has commissioned a spokesman for the Ministry to visit her in order to check on her, and to see the state of her health.

The State Department said it was constantly following up on the situation of all Iraqis, and would spare no effort in providing all possible forms of assistance.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency