The grain manufacturer is looking to develop the efficiency of its mills and raise its production capacity

The General Company for the manufacture of grain in the Ministry of Commerce examined the mechanism to develop the efficiency of its mills in Baghdad and the possibility of raising and enhancing its production capacity.

This was confirmed by the Director General of the company Hussein Sami during a meeting with the managers of the company’s mills in Baghdad, explaining that the meeting dealt with ways to develop the efficiency of the company’s mills and enhance and raise production capacity to contribute to the absorption of grain marketed during the current season and achieve the smooth distribution in the cutters processing within the borders of the capital Baghdad.

Stressing the need to work hard to improve the performance and optimal utilization of technical and administrative staff of employees in the milling industry as was during the meeting, which was attended by the Assistant General Manager technical and administrative and managers of the technical department and the administrative department and stores listen to the most important problems and obstacles that could hamper the work and implementation of the company plan In production and distribution, promising to find quick solutions to those problems in accordance with the powers and possibilities available.

Stressing the importance of coordination with the Grain Trade Company to conduct urgent transfers of marketed wheat in the provinces, which have seen an abundance of quantities marketed to the provinces that have not begun the marketing process so far, according to the directives of Minister of Commerce Dr. Mohammad Hashim al-Ani and the economic agent of the ministry to avoid the disparities in the distribution of flour and unification Periods of processing in all governorates.

Source: Ministry of Trade, Republic of Iraq