The Intelligence services arrested a prominent leader in Daesh inside Baghdad

BAGHDAD, The Intelligence service arrested a prominent leader of Daesh terrorist organization inside Baghdad.

“In cooperation with the Karkh Investigation Court and the Baghdad Operations Command, the services arrested one of the organization’s leaders named Jamal Khalil Taha Zand al-Mashhadani and called Abu Hamza al-Kurdi in Baghdad,” the statement said in a statement.

“Al-Kurdi was in high positions in the states of northern Baghdad and Kirkuk, in addition to playing a key role in the implementation of many criminal operations, which affected many citizens in Iraq.”

“The most important of these operations is the bombing of the city of Taza with missiles and chemical missiles, and his leadership of the battle of Hawija, which resulted in the capture of 15 elements of the Peshmerga forces, as well as the process of control of the city of Al-Bashir in Kirkuk, and participated in the attack on the archaeological city of Palmyra in Syria.”

“The operation was carried out after monitoring Al-Kurdi, who is transferring between two neighboring countries until he returned to Baghdad to settle there.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency