The International Coalition: Fewer Than 1,000 Daesh Militants Are Still In Iraq And Syria

BAGHDAD, IRAQ “Fewer than 1,000 Daesh militants are still in Iraq and Syria, a third of their estimated number of three weeks ago,” the US-led International Coalition Fighting Daesh Organization said in a statement.

The statement added “Due to the commitment of the international coalition and the efficiency demonstrated by our partners in Iraq and Syria, it is estimated that there are less than a thousand terrorists in our joint operations area being pursued in the desert areas of eastern Syria and western Iraq, this number dose not includes western Syria, which is under the control of Syrian government forces and their allies. ”

The statement said, “Most fighters of the extremist organization either killed or captured in the last three years,” noting that “the international coalition works to prevent the entry of militants to other countries.”

The statement pointed to “The possibility of reporting our partners to work with them to kill the remaining terrorists, or capture them, destroy their network and prevent their return to appear, and to prevent them from fleeing to neighboring countries,”

Iraq and Syria have declared victory over the organization in recent weeks, after a year in which their army and a group of foreign allies and local forces managed to take out fighters from all the cities and villages under the organization’s control.

The United States has led an international coalition that has staged air strikes since 2014, when Daesh fighters swept about a third of Iraq’s territory. US forces acted as advisers on the ground with Iraqi government forces and with Kurdish and Arab factions in Syria.

On the fifth of this month, the coalition said that less than 3,000 fighters are still in Syria and Iraq, while Baghdad announced the final victory on the organization on the ninth.

For its part, Russia, the main ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said on Wednesday that the main battle with the organization in Syria is over, and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the main task in Syria is now the elimination of another group, which is al-Nasra Front.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency