The Int’l Coalition Declares Its compliance With The Iraqi Request To Control Its Air Traffic

BAGHDAD The US-led International Coalition in Iraq has announced that it complies with the Iraqi government’s recent directives to prevent any aircraft to fly in the airspace of the country, except with the permission of the Prime Minister.

The International Coalition confirmed in a statement “senior leaders of the coalition met with officials from the Iraqi Ministry of Defense to discuss the guidance of Abdul-Mahdi.

The Coalition explained: As a guest within the sovereign borders of Iraq, the coalition complies with all laws and directives of the Government of Iraq, and will immediately comply with all the guidance received from our Iraqi partners while they implement the order of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi issued on Wednesday, a number of security decisions, including the cancellation of all approvals for aviation in Iraqi airspace from reconnaissance, armed reconnaissance, fighter planes, helicopters, and drones of all kinds to all Iraqi and non-Iraqi.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency