The Iraqi British Business Council Conference kicks off in Dubai

Baghdad, The conference of the Iraqi-British Business Council (IBBC) was launched in Dubai under the slogan (Iraq and identifying business opportunities).

Christoph Michaels, director of the Iraqi British Business Council, IBBC, said: “The conference sessions will include the sectors of industry, finance, water resources and the environment.”

He pointed out: “The main objective of the conference is to advance the reality of the private sector in Iraq to build an economy capable of providing job opportunities for all Iraqis away from the public sector.”

Michaels added: “Most countries in the world consider the private sector a mainstay in creating a profitable and attractive economic environment for foreign investment, and it has become important in raising revenues and diversifying sources of income.”

The conference was attended by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Mikhaif, the President of the Trade Bank of Iraq Salem Chalabi and representatives of the ministries and governorates, in addition to the UAE Assistant Minister of Trade, the Iraqi ambassador in Dubai, the British ambassador to Iraq, and a number of official figures and representatives of major international companies.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency