The Malian army announces repelling a “suicide and complex” attack

The Malian army announced, today, Friday, that it had repelled an attack that it described as “suicidal and complex” using two car bombs, targeting Gao Airport, followed by an intense exchange of fire between the Malian army and gunmen.

The Malian army said in a brief message on social media: “A “complex” attack occurred in an area, launched by various means.” The army did not announce any toll from the attack.

An employee at the airport reported that an attack was launched using two explosive-laden vehicles, including gunfire, and confirmed that the airport was closed.

Similar to Thursday’s attack that targeted a military site in Pampa in the west, the Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimin Group, which is linked to the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack, according to what was reported by SITE, which specializes in monitoring extremist groups.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency