The Ministry of Justice announced the release of 6115 prisoners over the past year

BAGHDAD, The Ministry of Justice announced the total number of released from the prisons of the Iraqi Reform Service in 2018.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Justice said that the total number was 6115 inmates, including (553) women, including (1367) prisoners covered by the amnesty law. The Iraqi Reform Department has made great strides in the field of release operations, their judicial provisions, which contribute to the determination of their files in accordance with the legal period set for release.

During the past year, the Iraqi Reform Department has taken measures that have accelerated the movement of prisoners before the courts. The transfer boards, the transfer of inmates, the legal committees, the mechanisms, the guards and the emergency are working every day, and litigation with the relevant judicial authorities and speed up the procedures for the release of inmates.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency