The National Oil Corporation denies its support for one of the parties in the conflict in Sudan and confirms that it will file lawsuits against the publisher of the news.

The National Oil Corporation categorically denied what was circulated by a media activist that the corporation may be subject to international sanctions due to its support for one of the parties to the conflict in the sisterly state of Sudan through the Sarir refinery.

The Corporation said in a statement published today, Monday, on its official page, that this news is baseless and confirms that the Sarir refinery has a limited refining capacity that does not exceed ten thousand barrels per day, and is not even sufficient for the neighboring oases.

The National Oil Corporation added that it will file lawsuits locally and internationally against the publisher of the news, in order to preserve the reputation of the corporation and the Libyan state.

The corporation affirmed, according to the statement, its commitment to professional standards in the performance of its work, and that most of its focus is on stabilizing current production levels and implementing its ambitious plans to increase production.

Source: Libyan News Agency