The PMF Brings Back 3 Yazidis From Turkey After Being Kidnapped By Daesh

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – The popular mobilization has brought back three Yazidi children from Turkey who have been kidnapped by Daesh.

“We thank all those who contributed to facilitating the return of these children, and today they will be handed over to their families,” Yazidis representative in the Popular Mobilization Murad Kalo said in a joint press conference with MP Ahmed al-Asadi, to clarify the return of three Yazidi children from Turkey.

Kalo called on the Iraqi government to coordinate with the Syrian and Turkish governments to restore large numbers of hundreds of children and women to return them to Iraq, and work on the return of all abducted.

He confirmed “There are more than 3,000 kidnappers of Yazidi distributed between Syria and Iraq, because the Iraqi territories were completely liberated,” adding that “the information available to us indicates that the kidnappers are present in the Turkish and Syrian border villages.”

He explained that “The deputy chairman of the popular mobilization forces, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis supported and supervised the rescue of 300 thousand Yazidis were stuck in Mount of Sinjar in August 2014 and he is still the first supporter since that date until today.”

He added “Abu Mahdi is the one who communicated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring back 3 children today,” added “Abu Mahdi directed me to go to the Turkish Gaziantep area to receive the abductees.”

For his part, MP al-Asadi said there is ongoing survey to find the abducted Yazidis.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency