The popular crowd destroys three caches and two tunnels to Daesh to the northwest of Salah al-Din

BAGHDAD, The Popular Mobilization forces destroyed three caches and two tunnels to “Daesh” terrorist organization, while lifting and detonating /70/ explosive devices during the security operation carried out northwest of Salah al-Din.

“A joint force of brigades 31 and 6 in the popular crowd, in coordination with the Salah al-Din Operations Command, carried out the security operation in 30 villages North-west of Salah al-Din, resulted in the destruction of three caches for Daesh and two tunnels. “

He added that “the operation has also resulted in the lifting and detonation of more than 70 explosive devices,” noting that two fighters of the popular crowd were injured by the explosion of a booby-trapped house.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency