The real winners of the Abu Dhabi triathlon

ABU DHABI: A U.A.E. paper has said that by now the cheering crowds from the Abu Dhabi Triathlon have dissipated and each of the 2,400 competitors will be reflecting on their achievement, regardless of whether they were among the fastest few who had a podium finish or were in the vast rank of weekend athletes, for many of whom this will have been their first triathlon.

“In just a few years, the Abu Dhabi event has become a fixture in the sporting scene, providing not just a big goal on which those living in the Emirates and the region have been able to focus their fitness regimes, but also showcasing the benefits of life in the capital at this time of year.”, said The National in its editorial on Sunday.

Anyone watching the coverage from most of North America and Europe, still encased within the last chilly grip of winter, will have looked wistfully at the display yesterday of sunshine, blue skies and warm clear waters of the Gulf.

“In that sense, this is an event in which everyone wins. Abu Dhabi’s profile has gained a boost, top athletes have a beautiful course on which to compete, amateurs have a world-class event to keep fit and everyone else can admire the dedication that went into the race.”, concluded the paper.