The Reform Alliance to NINA: The Parliament will vote on the budget within a month after being amended by the government

BAGHDAD, The Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction announced that the House of Representatives will vote on the federal budget 2019 within a month after being amended by the government.

The MP for the Alliance Burhan al-Mamouri, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the return of the draft federal budget law to the government was a parliamentary orientation for all representatives of the provinces and political blocs, to justify the sectors of the State and segments of society and all affected and liberated provinces.

He added that “the Parliament will go to approve the budget if amended and include the proposals in the origin of the law by the Council of Ministers, to avoid the appeal of the amended paragraphs in the future,” noting that “the government is with the presence of teams of advisers and experts and specialists who can amend the budget law within a short period in line with the new government program” .

He explained that “the budget arrived officially to the House of Representatives late, and now more than a month and is under discussion and study with the government committee and the parliamentary Finance Committee, and thus within a month can vote on the final budget law after the amendment.”

The House of Representatives began, in the last week of the last year, discussing the draft federal budget bill 2019.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency