The Region Lives In A Stark And Cloudy Climate And Iraq’s Role Is Important As A Starting Point For Peace And Easing Tensions

BAGHDAD The leading figure in Saairun Alliance, Raed Fahmi said “the region lives in a climate that is stark and cloudy and needs an influential party to end the crisis and return the region to its natural reality.”

“The region is not able to withstand the crises and wars of any new crises and tensions in light of the world’s dependence on a large proportion of the region’s oil and gas, which is the world’s first production and export,” he told NINA.

Fahmi added that “any spark of war that will be launched from the region will paralyze the entire world politically and economically in light of the inability to end the crisis through dialogue and mutual understanding.”

Fahmi pointed out that “Iraq’s role should play an important role in calm the regional atmosphere overcast, because it has good relations with everyone to extinguish tension and send exchanged messages as an intermediary through an agreed national will that will enhance its influential role and distance the shadow of conflicts and open the door for dialogue because Iraq is a platform for peace away from direct confrontation. ”

The Iran-US crisis has reached high levels as the United States sends aircraft carriers and strategic bombers to the region at a time when Iran is refusing any solutions imposed on it.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency