The Senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary participates in the Regional Dialogue and Cooperation Initiative launched by the French-based Institute for Applied Research of the Partnership (CARPO) in Spain

Senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Nizar Al-Khairallah attended the regional dialogue and cooperation initiative launched by the Institute for Applied Research of the Partnership with the East (CARPO) and in collaboration with the EWI Institute, entitled “Iraq and its Neighbors” on July 3 in Cordoba, Kingdom of Spain. His Excellency spoke about the importance of building and strengthening the culture of dialogue and regional cooperation with neighboring countries in light of the internal and regional changes taking place in Iraq, highlighting the positive role and serious desire shown by Iraq to consolidate and achieve this cooperation in order to consolidate regional peace policy. The launch of the project was attended by Helga Schmid, Secretary General of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, who stressed in her speech the importance of activating the means of dialogue and regional cooperation now more than ever, given the nature of the tensions in the region.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs