The Serious Escalation Between Tehran And Washington Imposes The Nomination Of Candidates For Defense and Interior Ministries

BAGHDAD The Saairun parliamentary bloc expected Abdul Mahdi is likely to name security ministers after the dangerous escalation that hits the region and between the United States and Iran.

MP of the bloc Talaat Karim said in a statement to NINA that “the political blocs sent a group of names of the candidates for the remaining ministries (defense, interior, justice and education) to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to choose who he deems appropriate for the post,” pointing out that “the regional conditions and military and economic escalation by the United States towards Iran will strengthen the conviction of Abdul-Mahdi to speed up the nomination of candidates for the Ministries of Defense and Interior, in agreement with the blocs or without it. “

He added: “Iraq is not far from events in the region from the imposition of a blockade on Iranian oil and the dispatch of US reinforcements to the region, because one way or another will be affected by future events in the region, therefore Iraq needs its government to be strong, integrated and harmonious to stand up to confront those challenges “

Source: National Iraqi News Agency