The Turkish Defense Ministry announces the killing of more than 1,100 anti-Turkey militants since the beginning of this year

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced the killing of 1,185 anti-Turkey militants, most of whom were from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, since the beginning of this year.

Turkish Defense Spokesman Zaki Ak Turk said in a media circular today that his country’s forces have neutralized 1,185 terrorists since the beginning of this year, including 39 in the past seven days inside the country, northern Syria and Iraq.

He added that the Turkish army has neutralized 38,528 terrorists since July 24, 2015, from various terrorist organizations such as the PKK, ISIS, and PYD/YPG, stressing the continuation of large-scale military operations in northern Syria and Iraq until they neutralize the last armed opponent.

Regarding border security, he said that the forces arrested 667 people, 34 of whom were members of armed organizations, as they attempted to cross the country’s borders illegally in the past seven days.

He stated that the number of people who were arrested while trying to enter Turkish territory illegally during the current year amounted to 6,423, including 451 belonging to armed organizations.

The Turkish official added that his country’s forces also prevented 4,887 people from crossing the border illegally during the past seven days, and that the number of people who were prevented before crossing the border since the beginning of the year reached 150,584 people./End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency