The world needs strict and fair measures to address environmental damage caused by human activities: President of Paraguay

The President of Paraguay, Santiago Peña, expressed his hope that COP28 in Dubai will mark a turning point in actions to repair the damage caused by humans to the planet.

This came during his speech at the World Climate Action Summit (WCAS) held yesterday as part of the COP28.

Peña explained that these measures must be strict and fair, while respecting the guiding principles of the Paris Agreement, such as common but differentiated responsibilities of countries, taking into account respective capabilities, in the light of different national circumstances, especially for countries that are in need of a push it terms of development.

He also urged all parties concerned to simplify procedures and remove barriers to effective solutions to the climate crisis.

Peña said that we all share Planet Earth, and therefore we encourage inclusive participation in COPs while emphasising the importance of adopting a more equitable approach to address climate-related challenges.

The President of Paraguay spoke about his c
ountry’s initiatives and achievements in climate action, stressing that Paraguay generates 100 percent of its electricity from clean energy, it is responsible for only 0.1 percent of harmful emissions globally, recording one of the lowest global percentages of carbon dioxide emissions.

He added that Paraguay has a unique biological wealth and has biological carbon reservoirs that collect carbon dioxide for an indefinite period. In addition, 44 percent of the land in Paraguay is covered by forests and 15 percent is classified as wildlife reserves.

He noted that his country achieved a 44 percent reduction in emissions from the land use and forestry sector, in addition to a 40 percent reduction in methane emissions in the agriculture and livestock sectors.

Source: Emirates News Agency