Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed directs efforts to nurture capacities of young Arab leaders to lead humanitarian and development efforts

DUBAI: Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Arab Youth Centre, the third edition of the Arab Meeting for Young Leaders was launched as part of the World Governments Summit 2024 in Dubai.

The meeting was attended by youth ministers, leaders of youth empowerment institutions, and distinguished young Arab leaders in the development sector. The meeting underscored the role of Arab youth in strengthening connections to identity and language, and embodying the spectrum of shared human values.

Marking the launch of the meeting, Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed stated, ‘The World Governments Summit has succeeded in strengthening the UAE’s position as a global capital for anticipating the future of government work and comprehensive development efforts.’

He praised the efforts of participating ministers, including Arab youth ministers, and commended their key contributions to the Arab Young Leaders Meeting’s success. He noted the importance of continuing such
efforts and initiatives in collaboration with relevant entities concerned with empowering youth across the Arab world.

Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed also directed the Arab Youth Centre to fortify efforts specifically geared towards nurturing and building the capacities of Arab youth cadres in the public utility sector and within institutions concerned with humanitarian and development work.

‘Such efforts aim to accelerate social development processes in accordance with regional needs and the aspirations of its youth. This aligns with the recommendations of the preliminary meetings last December, which garnered the voices and outlooks of young Arab leaders from 18 different Arab countries,’ he said.

The Arab Meeting for Young Leaders, held under the title ‘What does it mean to be an Arab?’, hosted a group of sessions, workshops, and presentations which discussed the importance of empowering young Arab leaders, investing in their capacities, and building their capabilities. The youth’s contribution in promoting
societal cohesion on both the individualistic and collective fronts to enhance competitiveness was also emphasized, as was their role in presenting a more accurate and well-rounded example of the Arab to the world.

The meeting also hosted a ministerial session that reviewed proposals and recommendations from both decision-makers and youth leaders with the aim of building on the takeaways of previous editions. It also addressed specialised programmes and initiatives intended to discover talents, embracing the energies of the youth, and supporting their ambitions.

Source: Emirates News Agency