TRA Attains 3 Certificates in HR Standard Specifications

The Human Capital Department at the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector was certified in three standard specifications: ISO 10015 – Guidelines for training, ISO 30408 – Human resource governance and ISO 30405 – Recruitment management. This achievement is the culmination of TRA’s HR plans and initiatives and TRA’s implementation of an internal audit process and a comprehensive management review.

Commenting on this milestone, H.E. Saeed Sultan Al-Suwaidi, Deputy Director General of TRA’s Support Services Sector, said: “We in the UAE believe that humans are the most important factor in achieving the goals and future visions of the country. Our wise leaders have underlined the importance of developing human resources and national competencies to contribute to enhancing the UAE’s position and achieving leadership in various fields. Accordingly, the TRA has been keen to adopt best practices in human resource management so as to ensure having a highly efficient and qualified human capital that is capable of accommodating the rapid changes taking place in the world today, and achieving the TRA’s vision to be a leading entity in sponsoring the ICT sector of the UAE.”

His Excellency also stressed that empowering employees to make decisions and participate in achieving goals within a stimulating work environment is one of the corporate values adopted by the TRA, adding: “At the TRA, we are keen to provide all resources that would help our employees perform their tasks very effectively, whether through training or by providing a stimulating work environment with the latest technologies and equipment required. Therefore, the TRA deserved these international certificates, underscoring the success of HR plans and solutions followed by the TRA.”

The human resources governance in the TRA is based on a number of principles, the most important of which are clarity and transparency in the design and output of regulatory processes and practices; openness in processes, practices and outputs; and accountability to auditing officials, legal authorities and stakeholders. Effective human resources governance requires coordination, commitment and engagement at all levels of the TRA to reflect full compliance through integration between strategic action planning and implementation. Given the importance of human resources governance, the TRA has been keen to apply ISO 30408 specifications and guidelines on tools, processes and practices to be put in place in order to establish, maintain and continually improve effective human governance.

TRA’s certification in ISO 30405 reflects the success of its plans to attract, recruit, evaluate and hire talents, focusing on key processes and practices including the development of recruitment policy, from identifying potential applicants and onboarding to evaluation and measurement.

ISO 10015 is part of the ISO 9000 set of standards, which gives guidelines for an organization to identify, establish and maintain a robust system for quality assurance and gauging training effectiveness, where organizations are able to optimally invest in training and maintaining their competitive edge.

Source: Telecommunications Regulatory Authority