Trade … A seven-year prison sentence for an employee working in a ministry formation

The Ministry of Commerce announced that the Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry has been controlling the case of fraud and forgery of an employee of the General Company for Foodstuff Trade.

This was confirmed by the Inspector General of the Ministry Muayyad Ali Abdul Hussein, explaining that through the control efforts to detect cases of manipulation and counterfeiting was issued a judicial ruling against a staff member for seven years because he repeated the disbursement of an instrument in the amount of (seventy million dinars and six hundred and twelve thousand and twenty dinars) .

Al-Karkh Criminal Court sentenced the defendant to 7 years’ imprisonment in accordance with the provisions of Article 316 of the Penal Code and issued a warrant for the arrest and search of the sentenced person. And the obligation to refund the embezzled money to the company concerned.

Stressing that the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry continues to monitor violations and account for the defaults and refer them to the competent courts.

Calling on all citizens to contribute to the reporting of cases of corruption that get and through the hot phone numbers of the office 079062605566 07713006450

Source: Ministry of Trade, Republic of Iraq