Trump is ready to “slow down” his army withdrawal from Syria, according to a Senator close to him

BAGHDAD- US President Donald Trump has expressed his willingness to “slow down” the withdrawal of US troops from Syria in order to defeat Daesh organization for a final stop, according to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

“The President is determined to ensure that the organization of the terrorist Daesh is completely defeated when we leave Syria,” Graham told a news briefing after he emerged “reassured” after a meeting with the US President at the White House.

“The President knows we need to finish the job,” Graham said.

Earlier on Sunday, Graham called on Trump to reconsider his decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, to make sure that the terrorist organization “will never return.”

US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday the 19th of December the decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, stressing that the Daesh organization was defeated there.

The White House did not provide a timetable for withdrawal, but the New York Times quoted military officials as saying Trump wanted to finish within 30 days.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency