Trump to Iran: Exceeding the limit of uranium stockpile is not good!

US President Donald Trump has sent a direct message to Iran after exceeding the limit for producing low-enriched uranium, saying that what Tehran has done is “not good.”

“Iran was violating the nuclear deal that allowed it to get $ 150 billion from the United States, plus $ 1.8 billion from the International Monetary Fund,” Trump said on Wednesday in a tweet on his official Twitter Web site, and now it exceeds the limit of the stockpile of enriched uranium. This is not good. “

Trump’s statement comes after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed that Iran has exceeded the limit for the production of low-enriched uranium, set out in the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, from which Washington has left.

The Agency said its inspectors had confirmed that the 300-kilogram limit had been exceeded.

Iran has boosted the production of low enriched uranium, which it uses to make fuel for nuclear reactors, in response to the re-imposition of US sanctions.

Under the terms of the nuclear deal, Iran would be allowed to re-impose multilateral sanctions on Tehran, which were previously canceled in exchange for Iran’s give up from some of its nuclear activities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency